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The AFAST System… Not just for attic and confined space fires anymore! See how this Michigan fire department decided to try it on vehicle fires during a training evolution:

Vehicle Fire – Interior & Engine Compartment

Our newest nozzle to the family, the AFAST-9 pump can or 2.5 gallon water can nozzle pics and videos, scroll to the bottom.

Take a look at some of our customers mounting solutions, scroll down!


Recent testing shows that the A-FAST nozzle system is flowing approximately 200 gallons per minute with a 360 degree circumference and 30 feet from the nozzle.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Carlisle Nozzle Test1112 093A-FAST nozzle flowing 200 GPM on a 1-3/4 inch hose line.

Watch the test on video showing how the nozzle would be typically deployed through a penetration in the ceiling.  This is a demonstration on our Test Deck.

                                                                                         Take a look at this short video from Brentwood Tennessee, showing the A-FAST-1 on an exterior application during a training fire.


Bardstown Training 025

A test was conducted on an actual attic fire situation at a training evolution in Bardstown Kentucky.  The training fire that was initially started on the lower floors extended into the attic area and a very active attic fire evolved.  Firefighters deployed the A-FAST-1 system up to the second floor hallway, where they were able to punch the nozzle through the drywall ceiling.  Opening the nozzle between 10 and 15 seconds, then moving down the hallway to another location and punching through again.  A total of 3 applications of about 10 to 15 seconds each resulted in the near total heat absorption in the attic and extinguishment of the fire.  A total of approximately 100 gallons of water was used.

Watch the entire test HERE!

In another training fire, the A-FAST-1 was used to attack a superheated attic fire with outstanding results!  Watch HERE.

Here is video of a training fire where the A-FAST-1 was used to attack a well involved living room fire where the fire is free burning from the picture window.  NOTE how the firefighters open the nozzle on approach, shielding them from the heat.  Also note there is NO PUSHING of fire gasses and smoke!  This tactic helps knock the heat out of the fire to assists in safely entering and searching the structure in a conventional manner.


During a test compartment fire, the A-FAST system extinguished this straw and pallet fire in 15 seconds.  The nozzle was inserted when the fire was around 1056 degrees and within 15 seconds the interior temperature dropped to 400 degrees and the fire was nearly extinguished.

Carlisle Nozzle Test1112 039Picture from inside the burn room using the A-FAST nozzle horizontally through an access hole

Here is a video of a training fire where the AFAST-1 is used to attack a well involved garage fire that has limited ventilation from the overhead door window.  Again this helps facilitate save entry into the garage without fear of backdraft.  This video shows it from the air (drone!)


Our customers have unique and very practical ways to mount the AFAST system line of nozzles:

Pickup / Brush Truck / Quick Response vehicle mounting

Mounting under the Ladder Rack, pre-connected hose.

Mounting under the Ladder Rack

Tailboard area mount, pre-connected to rear discharge hose lay.

Mounting options for the AFAST nozzle system can be custom to your needs.

Front Bumper Mounting Options

Our newest product, the AFAST 9, is designed to enhance your pressurized water can and pump can operation.

Here is the AFAST-9 in action on a Jet Fuel pan fire demonstration on YouTube:

Or you can download the clip here: 2-5 gallon can demo

AFAST 9 (patented) on the “can”

AFAST-9 threaded onto the tip end of the pump can – replaces the combi-tip


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