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Haven South LLC is an American owned and Veteran operated small business.  The folks at Haven South have many years experience in the Fire and Rescue service as well as have served in the U.S. armed services in the US Air Force and US Coast Guard.

All of ththCANJF6SXe components for our products are manufactured exclusively in the United States of America.  We do not use any foreign materials, parts, or labor.

Home location is in Georgetown Kentucky, where the A-FAST system is constructed and distributed.  We also have a branch office in Kalamazoo Michigan.


If you are spending any of your resources to do anything EXECPT prevent the spread of fire laterally or vertically, you are putting time and effort onto burning material that is already lost while the fire is moving to out-flank you.

Very large operations can often be broken down into much more manageable ones if you present the operating forces with an effective plan of attack….that plan of attack must include the  AFAST Systems!

That plan should include efforts to draw a line in the sand between areas burning now and those that will burn soon if they are not protected.

Or…..you can take a bunch of hose lines and ladder pipes and look like your doing something useful.

The fire doesn’t mind….

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