A-FAST 4 Wall Cavity Nozzle

The latest from A-FAST!  The A-FAST 4 wall cavity nozzle.  Use this baby for getting those stubborn fires in balloon frame construction.  Manufactured from our high strength cast aluminum 1-1/2″ NST female coupling and a BILLET ALUMINUM machined nozzle assembly.  Punch a hole into those lath-and-plaster walls with a halligan or axe to get into the wall cavity.  Drywall… no problem, this should punch right in.  Each engine should have at least one of these!

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The A-FAST-4 wall void nozzle

The A-FAST-4 wall cavity nozzle

This new nozzle can be placed in your coat or pant pocket ready for overhaul procedures.  It weights only 1 lb., and is only 8 inches long.  It is designed to be used with a Thermal Imaging Camera and a tool for making a hole in the wall.  Once the camera finds the hot spot a hole is placed in the wall and the nozzle is inserted and placed in service for approximately 10 seconds.  This nozzle is designed to flow 360 degrees for 30 feet.  It will fill the cavity from top to bottom extinguishing the fire.  This nozzle will flow approximately 200 gallons per minute.  This nozzle works great with class-a foam.

The NEW A-FAST-4 wall void applicator nozzle.

The NEW A-FAST-4 wall void applicator nozzle paired with the US Coupling MAGNUM pistol grip 1-1/2″ valve body.

The nozzle is made of all aluminum materials and the tip has the same features as all of the other AFAST nozzle tips.  There are other applications for this AFAST 4 but it is primarily used for balloon constructed homes and the small ceiling void of mobile, manufactured,  and modular homes.

With the New A-FAST 4 nozzle your overhaul times is cut in half with less major removal of the wall system to extinguish the fire.  This system can also be used on the outside of the structure.  Fire Fighter safety is always the main concern so use around energized electrical wires will be unsafe.

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