The “Walker“,  A-FAST II The original A-FAST nozzle was such a hit that firefighters from around the country asked “hey, can you guys make a nozzle that we could use from on top of the roof?” Why, yes we can!  One of our legendary Fire Chief partners from Michigan helped design the new A-FAST II, the Walker.

AFAST 2 with PowderCoat finish

AFAST 2 with PowderCoat finish

The Walker is designed to apply water in a concealed space from above the fire if needed.  If the roof has self-vented or you cut the hole, the Walker can get you water where you need it.  It can be deployed from an aerial or from a roof ladder.


The 360 degree pattern of the WALKER

Watch this video of firefighters deploying the A-FAST-II on an attic fire from the exterior.  Notice the firefighters are not placing themselves in a dangerous spot by getting completely on the roof.  The nozzle is slid up the roof and dropped into either a small hole cut by firefighters or a hole in construction such as an attic vent.  Firefighters also use some quick thinking by inserting the nozzle into the window to knock down some fire in the room.  Work smarter, not harder!

Firefighters down from the roof after deploying the AFAST-2

Firefighters down from the roof after deploying the A-FAST-II

Don’t put yourself or other firefighters at risk by operating on a dangerous roof.  Put the Walker to work from a safe location and just put the fire out!!

The Walker has the same made-in-America quality of the original A-FAST and Hard Hitter nozzles.   And, it works great with Class-A foam!

Retired Fire Chief Harold Walker Jr.

Retired Fire Chief Harold Walker Jr.

The Walker is available from all of our A-FAST dealers!



We had so many calls from firefighters around the country asking if we could modify the A-FAST II so they could use it for basement fires.  Ask and ye shall receive!!  We modified the radius of the bend and lengthened the pipe a little to make it easier to handle inside and to give better reach below the floor deck down into the basement.  This light weight unit is constructed of the same high quality aluminum pipe and brass nozzle assembly of our A-FAST 1 and II system!

AFAST 3 with PowderCoat finish

AFAST 3 with PowderCoat finish

This makes the old “cellar nozzle” and distributor nozzle a clunky thing of the past!

This nozzle flows approximately 175 gallons per minute and has the same brass tip as the A-FAST II Nozzle.  Every other 3/8 inch hole is inverted 30 degrees upwards to get into the floor joists. The pipe with the valve is 48 inches long and the bend to the tip is 20 inches long.

The cost is the same as the A-FAST I & II plus shipping.  Contact your nearest AFAST dealer for current pricing.


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